The day breaks

The day breaks

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wind Blown Dog

It was a strong north wind that blew me here
Riffles my hair
Stirs my blood

I've taken root in the sand
At Atlantic's edge
Here for a time

We all are

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My First Brush with Death

Thoughts of my own  
Come in waves
Of nausea and shortness of breath
The flu of 2011

A mix of chicken broth laced
Fruit juice hallucinations

My dear wife’s ministrations
Swegen’s sitting with me
I’m comforted
These are reasons to continue

The story

Put this in perspective

My week
Of misery

Leaves me ample time for
Curled in a fetal position

Takes me back to Plaistow NH
My childhood home

That day in 68
The reason for the fight

The pain in my back
My constant companion of 42 years

Spencer and Robbie were the school bullies
They coveted what I had
That year’s Red Sox year book

Part of an Easter offering
Amongst the jelly beans and Peeps
I brought it to school
For show and tell
In spite of mother’s protestations

A glossy magazine
Full of the impossible dream
Bean balls, a triple crown and
A showdown with Mr. Gibson

Enough electricity to light Kenmore’s CITGO sign all summer
Quite the boo birds forever
A treasure not to be relinquished easily

We were children in the schoolyard
The three of us
Two against one

A large rock  
Ended it 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Red Tail Hawk

This hawk took a rabbit just outside the door to the UMass dormitory.  Ate a few choice bits face, liver, etc.  She allowed me 60+ pictures and moved away to her favorite tree when she was done.