The day breaks

The day breaks

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dream Vacation

Dream Vacation

Living as we do
Riding wide eyed and wooly
The running boards of this
Threadbare science platform

We attempt to repair the tear
In our time continuum
With bubble gum and bailing wire

Hope it holds
The time we’re away

Never looking back to witness
What might be
Exploding in our rear view mirror

There comes a time
When you just can’t worry
Another moment
Without losing your mind


You should know we thought of you
Every time we checked the maps
Bought at that Oklahoma
Reservation gas station
Last year on vacation

The attendant told us
We might buy the book and never
Own the contents

He was trying way too hard to
Say something witchy

I asked him
if he'd mind 
if I stole the line

This trip has taken on the fragility
Of crystal
Crisscrossed by power lines  
Looking for a Qwik Trip

We need more coffee

Hell has fire but lacks illumination
Up ahead stands a bindle stiff
Thumb in the wind
Ecstatic magician or
Coyote vagina

Not known - Unknowable

We stop to ask directions 
Offer her a ride beyond