The day breaks

The day breaks

Thursday, December 19, 2013

People Will Talk

People Will Talk

The play write bemoans
Through his character’s
Well stuffed mouth
How much better
Butter was
When we was young

Uses an academic
Peeling a knockwurst
Poking around for
More cabbage in the pot
To make his point

Wonder how he’d feel
About x-mas dinner

Made by Wal-Mart

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dream Vacation

Dream Vacation

Living as we do
Riding wide eyed and wooly
The running boards of this
Threadbare science platform

We attempt to repair the tear
In our time continuum
With bubble gum and bailing wire

Hope it holds
The time we’re away

Never looking back to witness
What might be
Exploding in our rear view mirror

There comes a time
When you just can’t worry
Another moment
Without losing your mind


You should know we thought of you
Every time we checked the maps
Bought at that Oklahoma
Reservation gas station
Last year on vacation

The attendant told us
We might buy the book and never
Own the contents

He was trying way too hard to
Say something witchy

I asked him
if he'd mind 
if I stole the line

This trip has taken on the fragility
Of crystal
Crisscrossed by power lines  
Looking for a Qwik Trip

We need more coffee

Hell has fire but lacks illumination
Up ahead stands a bindle stiff
Thumb in the wind
Ecstatic magician or
Coyote vagina

Not known - Unknowable

We stop to ask directions 
Offer her a ride beyond

Friday, August 16, 2013

Teach A Jr. Ranger to Fish... By Henry F.

Today at the field station Orion and I fished and lead nature walks.  When I showed up Molly was there.  Lenny asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I said “yes”.  Lenny took me to the beach and taught me how to fish.  As soon as he left I caught a small bluefish about 5”.  I had a hard time getting the hook out of his mouth but I then yanked the hook right out of his mouth and cut his cheek.  Then Orion showed up, we made a deal that I would get five casts and then he would get five casts.  Orion went first, sadly he caught nothing but he did a good job anyway.  I went next and caught something right off the bat it was a small bluefish. Lenny came down and took it off the hook for me it just jumped off.  On my last cast I cast in the right spot and caught two at the same time, as I was reeling in though, one jumped off.  I pulled the other one in though the hook was really stuck in the fish’s mouth, Orion and I both tried but we couldn't get the hook out.  I ran up to get Lenny then came back to the fish, then Orion went to get Lenny while I kept the fish alive; finally Lenny came and took the hook out but not without the hook breaking.  After fishing Orion and I went back to the garage, Lenny instructed us to go find Seaweed and Anaconda.  We went out looking for them by the entrance but couldn't find them anywhere, later on Lenny came out and found us and instructed us to split up and go around the pond.  As I was heading to go around the pond I found Seaweed and Anaconda at the garage.  It had been a mix up and both of them weren't supposed to be back until 9:45 when we started looking for them at 9:10.  When everyone was grouped back together we had coconut cake that Orion's mom brought for us.  It was then time for the walk Orion and I helped Orion with the walk while Molly wrote her paper and the sisters walked,Tess, the dog.
        About 13 people came to the field station; most of them were little kids.  We showed the group the pond and all the wildlife at the field station.  We ended off our tour at the beach they all enjoyed the tour very much.  After the tour we walked back to the garage and got the fishing rod to go fishing.  We walked back down to the beach and fished till 12:20.  We walked back to garage but halfway there I noticed my shoes were missing Molly hid them in the sand.  After I got my stuff ready it was time for me to go.

Raymond, Henry, and Orion

Seeweed Drawing

Striped Bass - By Raymond M.

This piece really caught my attention for the inventive spelling Raymond used. The second paragraph is a revised version. The poem 9 When It Happened was inspired by Raymond's report.

Striped bass are a very solitaire fish inless they they about 10 to 14 inches. also when they are in schools they usely hide in bolders or debrie to hide from bigger fish but unforchenetly this form of habitat can not be acseed by boat or kayak and i would not dare going in arias like that because the mud is like quick sand and I now that because I have tryed. but wonse a Striped bass is bigger they leave and go to deep water.

Striped bass are a very solitary fish until they’re about 10 to 14 inches long. When they are in schools they usually hide in boulders or debris to hide from bigger fish. This form of habitat cannot be accessed by boat or kayak. I would not dare to go into areas like that on foot because the mud is like quick sand and I know that because I have tried. But once a Striped bass is bigger they leave and go to deep water.

9 When It Happened
(For the last Jr. Ranger)

Wunse upon a tyme
I worked as scyintist
When and where
No longer
Matter any more
Scyince is dead

But eye remember
The silver fishes in the flash lites spark
Layt at nyght

Blackberries in July ripe and jucee

Before the market crashes
Hell fire catshes
And the hole wyde world
Was a place I wonder
Where it went