The day breaks

The day breaks

Friday, January 21, 2011

Red Sky Morning

light up red
portends heavy weather
ride the vomit comet
i hope not
home by Sunday
not soon enough

Monday, January 17, 2011

In spite of the loss the day was a success

In spite of the loss the day was a success
(Tom Brady’s Lament)

Paul sang cowboy songs split early
Dan dropped Tam O Shanter
Beat Neil Bomb
Grokked deeply Das
Maddie popped it
Kate played and danced
Mary Ann brought her apple shine
Pitch perfect Kathy
This is why you have an open mic.
Had a hairy lamb for the feature
Turmeric the secret ingredient
Our next show
For a taste of what you missed

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Book One Island 2011 Will Be Held Feb. 1 - 14

One Book One Island 2011 Will Be Held Feb. 1 - 14
The One Book One Island community reading project will kick off on Feb. 1st at 12 p.m. at the Nantucket Atheneum, 1 India Street. The book title will be unveiled at the kickoff and will be offered for free to all. Books can be picked up at public locations around town.

Events, including films, book talks, and discussions, are scheduled for the first two weeks in February.
For complete information check beginning Feb. 1st.

All My Pretty Poems

I've been mowing wild grasses
With alliterations and
Iris contractions
Hotter than August
Slower than molasses

More important to me than you ever were

I’m clearing away
Evidence of you
Filling in the vernal pools that were your eyes
Tossing all in the dumpster of a new day

It’s spring and more than time

I’m surfing on a wave of lead
And organic matter
That’s one part anticipation
Two parts dread and

Because you are an invasive species
I cut you out with fervor
A  zealot’s straight razor

Writing this in cursive
My ink spittle and blood

You are dogma scraped from my shoe
I’m so happy to be done with you

But no hard feelings
I wish you well

And here am I a flagellant
Inured of the pain
Impervious to the voices
In my head
Take a moment
Reassess the situation

My wounds will be cauterized
Tears will keep the area irrigated
to let healing begin

I hope

You’re still irritated
I won't miss you
Because you never walked
In front of my car
I won't remember you
I won't notice
The millions of tiny scars
You left
I'm not that introspective

Saturday, January 8, 2011

From My Shotgun Shack

from my perch
over looking Folgers Marsh
I watched
with abject horror
a kite boarder
using that fragile habitat
for mindless recreation
Watched as he struck
a Cormorant
never missing a beat
he kept on going
This morning I found that bird
wing ripped and useless
No longer able to feed
it will be meat
certain as the
Sun comes up
Soon it will be Duck season

This poem is for
That Kite Boarder

Monday, January 3, 2011

All Things Considered

It was a good year
Sure we lost some friends

Scattered leaves

Tulips and Daffodils to them
Remembered and celebrated

Time for others to forgive
or forget

Room enough
For so much more

Saturday, January 1, 2011

For Anyone Hoping To Explain Poetry to a Loved One

She thinks she’ll
Vanish viral, anoint austerity
Mendacious audacity in a sonnet or sunrise

Say’s “I don't know much Elvis”
But I could recite some Keats for her...

Coffee, tea, and Shelly
That might ford the gap

Perhaps not

In the morning
The baby needs attention
The kettle is braying

This will wait for later
This poem for a mother and daughter

Lost For a Moment

Thankfully eyes are part of the equation
Air scrubbed clean, steaming
Upright and breathing i

Took a longish walk we
SCB, the dog & LMR

Glad I didn't drink last night
Trying not to lag too far behind

I can't be lost
There's a lighthouse up ahead
I can hear Swegen

This is the path to a good morning