The day breaks

The day breaks

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winking Out

Happy to see you
Lay by your side
Tangle in your feet

Watch him stretch
Take his place
Sprawled on a window sill

When you get off the road
The litter stays fresher longer
Nothing gets broken

Hear his feet
Shake the house
Upset something

Everything ends broken
Spins off into something else
Comes to rest next to a particulate friend

Friday, March 21, 2014


A particularly pernicious virus
Rides me a roller coaster

The clattering of the track
Rotten teeth of the clown

Where the first light cowers
Chained to its own inquisition
Steeled to the knowing
No God need do something

Like this

We spin and that is all
Till we collide
We ricochet
There is no place
We won’t go tonight

I bought an A ticket
From the arms of a child

Hugs heal…

But if I could identify
Which particular little snowflake
Gave me this gift that keeps on


I’d hug her still

She might just need it

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Damnable Fact

It is entirely possible
Construction does not draw correlation
With communication


And even if it does
What I’m looking for
The turn of the wheel
That gives us commonality
A way to see what you’re saying

Feel me

But if the way you seek
Is simply using words
To get to the heart of the matter
I want to touch you

Free of the artifice
That hides true intentions

And if that’s possible
In the end
We’ll know what you mean

That’s the problem

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hyphenated Name

The mix is rich today
Can’t find my phone
Walking the rooms
Maze and haze
Where are my keys

If there is a heaven
And we all secretly hope there is
Will there be bartenders

Can drunks on the steps
Drink all day in a neighborhood bar
Without dire consequences

I know a hot shots outcome rictus talisman
Bathroom spiking preoccupied with constipation
Locked door an early manifestation of DNR

So what
Why weigh one death more worthy of reflection
Every death’s an ending to earthly interaction

No damn shame in that

We don’t know what might have been
Certain only of what was left
Recordings of Lenny Bruce
Library of Babel

All the things you can’t take with you

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Believe in Circular Rotation

The snow comes a mute swan to cover my feet
Of clay to be rendered down when the weather warms
A puddles indentation briefest mention in a drought

Sing my days diminution a Beatles tune
Day tripper in a Somerset South Sea story
Dance for a sixpence without pants

Ignore the ignominious 
As they you
Tip your hat a swell in the deep end
Hold your nose against the din and all that 
That entails

Entrails and garden path’s lead you astray
Wink of a winsome lass pony tailed
Swishing hey how you doing

It warms mid afternoon light flickers on
Reflective surfaces distorts all images
Real or imagined in sleeps recesses

A nap most welcome settle for a quick smoke
Turn off the cell phone unplug the computer yank
Throw the modem over your shoulder for good luck

Hang your socks over the radiator slip on a disk
Play some NOLA Gris-Gris Tom Tom and Tambourines
Leave your hat on the turntable spinning

Friday, January 31, 2014

Trail of Slime

As you crawl home tonight
Look for the lurking horror under foot
The earth recoiling from your contact
Intuits the nature of this virus

Avoid ice and other reflective surfaces
Introspection would impede
Your development monster

Turning the reason you came here
Into a place you need to get away from
From time to time

Like children playing with
Tonka tractors on the kitchen floor

A pant load of bad decisions
Come to fruition

I pity your nanny