The day breaks

The day breaks

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winking Out

Happy to see you
Lay by your side
Tangle in your feet

Watch him stretch
Take his place
Sprawled on a window sill

When you get off the road
The litter stays fresher longer
Nothing gets broken

Hear his feet
Shake the house
Upset something

Everything ends broken
Spins off into something else
Comes to rest next to a particulate friend

Friday, March 21, 2014


A particularly pernicious virus
Rides me a roller coaster

The clattering of the track
Rotten teeth of the clown

Where the first light cowers
Chained to its own inquisition
Steeled to the knowing
No God need do something

Like this

We spin and that is all
Till we collide
We ricochet
There is no place
We won’t go tonight

I bought an A ticket
From the arms of a child

Hugs heal…

But if I could identify
Which particular little snowflake
Gave me this gift that keeps on


I’d hug her still

She might just need it