The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 3

Started the day in Ohio we crossed over the Missouri river and beyond.  Staying tonight in a Quality Inn in Columbia MO.  It was a long day of driving and we did have to stop to take care of some banking for the closing but after some initial confusion all is well and we close on the 3rd. We'll get to Crested Butte on the 2nd.  The cats have settled into the routine of car travel and seem to have adjusted well.  Swegen has always liked car travel and he's as ever, a joy and a comfort.  Bob and Deb have been life savers and we'll never be able to thank them enough for all they've done for us. I've been taking pictures and posting them on Facebook and it's been cool to get feedback from all our peeps.  Another long drive coming up today and it's 3 am.  Goodnight moon.


A O OHIO Leap Day

Our second day on the road was fairly uneventful.  It was a Sunday drive, the weather was pleasant, and the roads were clear of any major traffic. The cats have taken to the car and traveling with Deb and Sarah.  Swegen has always loved the road but he's beginning to miss his daily runs with his island friends.  Not much can be done about that till we get to our new home.  We;ll have to make it up tp him this Wednesday. Until then he's gotta suck it like all the rest of us.  One strange occurrence, a chimney sweep truck (Mr. Sweep) followed us all day.  I think we shook him at the Cleveland turn off but if he returns today we may begin to worry.  The driver looked like Dick Van Dyke and the truck made some very strange noises. More later today, I've woken the cats and am at present being meowed vigorously.vigorously. Swegen and Sarah are still asleep, I think I'll try to get just a little more myself. Bob, Deb, and Sarah stayed up to watch the Oscars, I did not.  Did make a bet with O about who would win best supporting actor, I WON!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

All the Way to Harrisburg PA.

Our first days travel began in Hyannis.  We had a fine breakfast of coffee and finger sandwiches that Elin and Joyce made for our trip.  It gave us pause to reflect on the folks that came down to the boat to see us off the day before.  We are very lucky people to be sure,, it's a memory that we'll relive often.  Thank you Elin, Joyce, Kate, David, Susan, Eve, Scott, and Michele. Thank you to everyone that sent us off with such fine farewell parties.  We'll miss you all more than we can measure at present but I'm sure we'll feel it for the rest of our lives.

Today's ride was uneventful.  Sarah and Deb Miller in Sarah's car with our two cats Lily and Canada.  Bob and I in mine with Swegen in the back. The cats are slowly getting used to being in the car, Swegen has always loved the road.  All is well, enough.

We made it to the Ramada Inn is Harrisburg, PA by about 5.  Fed the animals, walked the dog and then off to dinner and drinks.  We found a Mexican restaurant called El Rodeo, the food was ok and the drinks were restorative.We had originally picked an Italian Restaurant but stopped short of entering when Bob noticed that it was a BYOB establishment so we took it on the heel and toe and went to plan b.  Thankful for our smart phones ability to help us out.  

We finished the day planning our next leg of the journey and have decided to shoot for Ohio.  We;ll be staying in a motel 6 and they've promised to leave a light on for us. It wont be long before we're in our new home and the excitement builds by the hour

There's a party in the next room, it's been going strong all night long, I've been humming the Bruce Cockburn song "If I had a rocket launcher" in my head while counting sheep all night.  The sleep has been fitful and tomorrow I may write a poem to commemorate the douche bags bags down the hall.

We love you all our peeps


Friday, February 26, 2016

Pre-road Downs

The day is at hand and we are off to Colorado.  Last minute details and final hugs goodbye are no measure of the upheaval we feel leaving MA., Nantucket, our east coast family.

Man, this is hard

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Follow Me Here

This  blogpage is going to be a reminder to all my friends on Nantucket that we still exist and think of you even though we are far away. Starting 2/26/16 I will post daily updates about our journey to Colorado.  I will do this for one year, I promise.  To my friends in the Jr Rangers, I do this for you most of all, I wish I could take you with me.  To my MPC friends, I will post poems weekly, I hope you'll respond in kind.  This move is exciting, terrifying, and most of all something Sarah and I wanted to do while the time was right.  I just wish it didn't mean leaving you.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ground Control

Down in
Part because it’s rained since the early morning
Rousing spiders from Mars
This is where it begins

The window in my room frames all its grey
Sky goodbyes seen through
Children eyes I’ve watched grow and I’m gone

Lost in yesterday’s vinyl

The photographs are packed
Tickets bought
Something new waiting on the other side

Here am I one last time
In the wind sluiced by the tides
Pushing me on wheels because

I won’t fly
That’s how I flow
Towards the divide

Of course I’ll cry
Now is just a flicker feather
Tickling your nose

Don’t worry nothing
Will ever be quite the same again

As good a reason as any
To go

I do believe