The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mr. Kent Foreman

I heard of Kent Foreman from Regie Gibson. When I said he sounds very cool I'd like to meet him Regie assured me I would.  He came to Nantucket to read at the UMass Field Station in 2006, with Regie. At the time we collaborated with a theater group on Island known as the Uptown Players run by Jim Nettles and Neville Richen and it was arranged that on this tiny speck of sand we had Regie, Kent, and Brother Blue all perform on the same day. Regie and Kent did their John Henry piece and left us speechless, all of us, even Blue. Jim Nettles, Dr. Hill, Kent Foreman you are loved and I'll remember you. 

Earlier my emotions ran towards sadness, that's changed. I've spent the morning listening to Kent's CD while thumbing through my copy of Warren Lehrer's portrait of Blue.  That will never be a bad thing.      

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