The day breaks

The day breaks

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All My Pretty Poems

I've been mowing wild grasses
With alliterations and
Iris contractions
Hotter than August
Slower than molasses

More important to me than you ever were

I’m clearing away
Evidence of you
Filling in the vernal pools that were your eyes
Tossing all in the dumpster of a new day

It’s spring and more than time

I’m surfing on a wave of lead
And organic matter
That’s one part anticipation
Two parts dread and

Because you are an invasive species
I cut you out with fervor
A  zealot’s straight razor

Writing this in cursive
My ink spittle and blood

You are dogma scraped from my shoe
I’m so happy to be done with you

But no hard feelings
I wish you well

And here am I a flagellant
Inured of the pain
Impervious to the voices
In my head
Take a moment
Reassess the situation

My wounds will be cauterized
Tears will keep the area irrigated
to let healing begin

I hope

You’re still irritated
I won't miss you
Because you never walked
In front of my car
I won't remember you
I won't notice
The millions of tiny scars
You left
I'm not that introspective

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