The day breaks

The day breaks

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stranding Team

(for Alex)

To begin with
We should mention
That which no longer exists

It’s only right and proper
To give praise to our elders
We’ll all get there someday

Here’s to us
Bones at an outwash

Waste nothing
Crack the bone pulverize it
Honor all the points on the compass

The 50 richest individuals
Equal in net worth
To the bottom half
Of the population

Eating the rich is not a solution
It's a dirty gerund

Free enterprise
Your future - a wood chipper
Vultures circle prefer the eyes

The spark might have been set
On Facebook
That pays the true cost
Makes reparations
finally gets it right

Builds casinos slash windmills
Spinning dream catching circles
With reflective sails
Pointed towards
First light

This is not a creation tale
It’s how the stranded strain
Naturally before their last breath

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