The day breaks

The day breaks

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow and Ice infused with Sand

The gravity of the moment
First look at your reflection

Like a Beagle’s your eyes
Have become

You follow your nose
When you look for your keys
Grope for your trousers

This dream lies in the shadows
Waiting for the sun
Be there to meet it


Move through the morning
On bare feet and tiptoes
Take a walk to the water
Make sure that you listen

Whirls the sand and snow
Hellion of heavy weather
Like an enraged demon the ocean’s become

Know this
Keep everything covered
When you walk in a nor’ Easter
Lest some flying cosmic debris
Snatch off your hat

A real nightmare

At first light take stock of the damage
Once the wind subsides
Marvel at the quiet

Pick up the pieces

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