The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, February 29, 2016

A O OHIO Leap Day

Our second day on the road was fairly uneventful.  It was a Sunday drive, the weather was pleasant, and the roads were clear of any major traffic. The cats have taken to the car and traveling with Deb and Sarah.  Swegen has always loved the road but he's beginning to miss his daily runs with his island friends.  Not much can be done about that till we get to our new home.  We;ll have to make it up tp him this Wednesday. Until then he's gotta suck it like all the rest of us.  One strange occurrence, a chimney sweep truck (Mr. Sweep) followed us all day.  I think we shook him at the Cleveland turn off but if he returns today we may begin to worry.  The driver looked like Dick Van Dyke and the truck made some very strange noises. More later today, I've woken the cats and am at present being meowed vigorously.vigorously. Swegen and Sarah are still asleep, I think I'll try to get just a little more myself. Bob, Deb, and Sarah stayed up to watch the Oscars, I did not.  Did make a bet with O about who would win best supporting actor, I WON!

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