The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Beach House – A Teachable Moment

I’m sitting in the little beach house

My writing harbor

About a half an hour
Before sunrise
On a Sunday 3 years ago
Must have been 4:30

A buck
Maybe a six pointer
Comes peeking out of the Spartina

Houdini in a camel hair coat
Nose in the wind
Intent on one thing

Our eyes met

In that first instant
Neither capable of reaction
Beyond release of urine


The ghost is gone

I make a mental note

He’ll be back and
This you can use
You’ve got students coming

It’s entirely possible
Some of them

Will think this is cool
Enough to formulate

A dream beyond the place they know

So when they arrive
And once I’ve told them this story
I hand them the keys
To the little beach house

Tell them they must sit silent
Look for movement
Be patient

Join them at breakfast
For the stories they’ll tell

And what I’ll learn
From them

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