The day breaks

The day breaks

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Melted Styrofoam

Write this down that proves your existence

Carve it into rock leave it at the road not taken

The last sign post before the un-raveling

Once the satellites fall from your eyes

You'll see the world skewed through a whole new prism

Listen for the crickets that aren’t there anymore

As in a trance dance counter to any celestial occurrence

We know the stars are out there without any visual evidence

Warm ourselves with the refracted light past tense now

Smell the end of days roast the last meat cooked

Chart our course for tomorrow by dead reckoning wave to the camera’s no longer working

Fabric of time putrid remnants we wear on our backs

History wrinkles the map of our faces

 A fine ash cloys in our nostrils like the red clay of Texas

Nostradamus, who has the last laugh now

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