The day breaks

The day breaks

Friday, August 16, 2013

Teach A Jr. Ranger to Fish... By Henry F.

Today at the field station Orion and I fished and lead nature walks.  When I showed up Molly was there.  Lenny asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I said “yes”.  Lenny took me to the beach and taught me how to fish.  As soon as he left I caught a small bluefish about 5”.  I had a hard time getting the hook out of his mouth but I then yanked the hook right out of his mouth and cut his cheek.  Then Orion showed up, we made a deal that I would get five casts and then he would get five casts.  Orion went first, sadly he caught nothing but he did a good job anyway.  I went next and caught something right off the bat it was a small bluefish. Lenny came down and took it off the hook for me it just jumped off.  On my last cast I cast in the right spot and caught two at the same time, as I was reeling in though, one jumped off.  I pulled the other one in though the hook was really stuck in the fish’s mouth, Orion and I both tried but we couldn't get the hook out.  I ran up to get Lenny then came back to the fish, then Orion went to get Lenny while I kept the fish alive; finally Lenny came and took the hook out but not without the hook breaking.  After fishing Orion and I went back to the garage, Lenny instructed us to go find Seaweed and Anaconda.  We went out looking for them by the entrance but couldn't find them anywhere, later on Lenny came out and found us and instructed us to split up and go around the pond.  As I was heading to go around the pond I found Seaweed and Anaconda at the garage.  It had been a mix up and both of them weren't supposed to be back until 9:45 when we started looking for them at 9:10.  When everyone was grouped back together we had coconut cake that Orion's mom brought for us.  It was then time for the walk Orion and I helped Orion with the walk while Molly wrote her paper and the sisters walked,Tess, the dog.
        About 13 people came to the field station; most of them were little kids.  We showed the group the pond and all the wildlife at the field station.  We ended off our tour at the beach they all enjoyed the tour very much.  After the tour we walked back to the garage and got the fishing rod to go fishing.  We walked back down to the beach and fished till 12:20.  We walked back to garage but halfway there I noticed my shoes were missing Molly hid them in the sand.  After I got my stuff ready it was time for me to go.

Raymond, Henry, and Orion

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