The day breaks

The day breaks

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hyphenated Name

The mix is rich today
Can’t find my phone
Walking the rooms
Maze and haze
Where are my keys

If there is a heaven
And we all secretly hope there is
Will there be bartenders

Can drunks on the steps
Drink all day in a neighborhood bar
Without dire consequences

I know a hot shots outcome rictus talisman
Bathroom spiking preoccupied with constipation
Locked door an early manifestation of DNR

So what
Why weigh one death more worthy of reflection
Every death’s an ending to earthly interaction

No damn shame in that

We don’t know what might have been
Certain only of what was left
Recordings of Lenny Bruce
Library of Babel

All the things you can’t take with you

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