The day breaks

The day breaks

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Believe in Circular Rotation

The snow comes a mute swan to cover my feet
Of clay to be rendered down when the weather warms
A puddles indentation briefest mention in a drought

Sing my days diminution a Beatles tune
Day tripper in a Somerset South Sea story
Dance for a sixpence without pants

Ignore the ignominious 
As they you
Tip your hat a swell in the deep end
Hold your nose against the din and all that 
That entails

Entrails and garden path’s lead you astray
Wink of a winsome lass pony tailed
Swishing hey how you doing

It warms mid afternoon light flickers on
Reflective surfaces distorts all images
Real or imagined in sleeps recesses

A nap most welcome settle for a quick smoke
Turn off the cell phone unplug the computer yank
Throw the modem over your shoulder for good luck

Hang your socks over the radiator slip on a disk
Play some NOLA Gris-Gris Tom Tom and Tambourines
Leave your hat on the turntable spinning

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