The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bob Villa Ain't Got Nuthin' on Me!

Today was a light honey do day, Tripped in to Gunnison for potting soil and flowers for Sarah's spring yard beautification plans.  Followed up with some preparatory yard clean up, the lawn mower arrives later this week.  It's one of those old fashioned push (no motor) jobs just right for the postage stamp size area that I need to maintain.

Got out the power tools and some re purposed lumber to fix a stair plank that rotted out this past winter.  Removal and prep, check.  Installation and clean up, check.  It's now officially beer-thirty in the Rockies and I'm more than ready.

My new favorite mammal.  I've named this one P. D. Woodhouse.


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