The day breaks

The day breaks

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Change

The Change

The wind rattled me awake this morning and my first thought was I hope it’s not cold too!  It wasn’t but it feels like it won’t be far behind.  We (the dog and i) are up early to catch a glimpse of the Leonid meteor showers.  I say we knowing full well Swegen’s more interested in the scents left behind by rabbit, deer, and several feral cats that live here at the field station than celestial bodies.  A few years back on a bitterly cold winter’s night I witnessed one of the most spectacular Leonid showers of the century, no such luck tonight.  

As the sun came up a test pattern in pastels a stunted perhaps dead tree comes alive in crow squawk.  Swegen, not yet a year old spooks at the sound his long legs a hindrance as he tries and fails to beat the retreat. 


Night we chant with the wind
Bray the morning come
Pray for something warmer

Leaves us weary wayfarer’s
A wrecked ship’s miscellany scattered

Pirates Booty be praised
Flense the carcass right where it beached

Start a fire
If you decline to eat it raw

The skeleton will smolder for hours
Stay up wind

Incoming tide will extinguish
Ultra Violet and scavengers get the rest

Write it in couplets
Capture Oceanus at her best

The morning will find you
Dew dappled bedraggled
Hunkered down

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