The day breaks

The day breaks

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dolphins In The Harbor

Marine Mammal Stranding Team

The rain was heavy at times this morning.  We, my dog and I got started a little later than usual.  After a brief walk to the beach here at the field station we packed up and took a ride to get coffee. Swegen (1 year old Labradoodle), as it is with many dogs loves riding with his face out of the window.  The morning routine we've developed pleases us in such a simple way.  On our way back home I stopped in on the last known spot three common dolphins have been circling for the last few days.  By the time we arrive the heater in the car has lulled the dog back to puppy nirvana so I'm on my own for the moment.

It's a brief walk to the redoubt we've been using to keep watch on the cetaceans, the area they've inhabited since Monday is fairly small and high tide finds the area bracketed by scallop fisherman at first light. I did not see the dolphins, I can only hope they've found a route to open water and thank my lucky stars I didn't have to stand another two hour watch as was necessary for all MMST volunteers yesterday. 

Dolphins in distress
Work a conundrum like a hound dog searching
Draw my attention
Sound amazingly like horses snorting
Cat caught up in the visual
Raptor hovering
It's silent the clouds are close by
They've gone
We hope
But keep on watching

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