The day breaks

The day breaks

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let Us Prey

The picture of two Osprey below is from 2008 or 2009.  The pair had been coming to the field station to raise replacement parts for many years and I've taken hundreds of pictures of them since our arrival in 2004. On Mother's Day weekend 2009 the male fell from the sky about 150 yards from the nest.  Sarah, with assistance from Vern Laux sent the body off to Boston that the cause of death might be determined.  The findings came back with no clear reason noted.   We did not have a nesting pair nesting at the Field Station this past summer for the first time since Sarah and I got here and they were missed.  One of our Jr. Rangers, James spent his two weeks as a volunteer at the field station observing 7 or 8 Osprey on station that appeared to be agitated at all times.  I spoke with Vern and he thinks that the territory with nest and dominance issues were being worked out and a new pair might be expected next year.  Here's hoping.

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