The day breaks

The day breaks

Friday, April 29, 2016

Alone with my thoughts about a cat

It's still snowing in the Rockies, not a major storm, more a shower to bring alpine flowers.  I have plans to visit Gunnison that may change into swim trunks and take a right turn to our Jacuzzi.  I've food and libation aplenty, plenty of firewood.

O is traveling with a friend from Nantucket to NOLA for the Jazz Fest.  This is not a complaint about her being away, it's more a precursor to my soon to be homicidal feelings for her cat complaining about her being away.

We have a big house, an A frame.  The ceilings can really ring with a howling banshee losing her cat damned mind and I've reached the rim of my gorge as I reach for her tail on the second day.  The windmill in my left hand window sits muted, covered in snow.  Suggests a peaceful resolution no matter how satisfying a kitty rocket could be. Swegen at my feet feels a shift in my weight, thinks it means a walk is imminent and I say no buddy, not just yet.  

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