The day breaks

The day breaks

Friday, April 29, 2016

Snow and Crocus

May 29th and the snow fall has been continuous since yesterday afternoon. Not much in the way of accumulation as the temperature has been above freezing.  Most of the new snow should be gone by later this afternoon as the temp. should get into the 40's.

Sarah is in New Orleans with our friend Amy from Nantucket, they are at the Jazz festival where it has been raining.  Not to worry they are intrepid travelers and have chosen the venues wisely that they are attending, all have tents and they've managed to stay dry.

I've begun working with the Crested Butte public schools offering an after school science club that highlights the Ranger program that I'll be offering at RMBL this summer.  I have 7 students, all are smart, engaged, and inquisitive and I'm having a blast with them.

I've gotten  the go ahead to start a writers group for poets at the Crested Butte library and that will begin in June and I will be attending a writers group in Gunnison beginning next month.  I have submission guidelines for several local publications and I'll be sending them work soon.

The animals have settled in to the new home and are very happy, as our we, with our new surroundings.

These are wild Crocus and they are popping up in the scrub areas all around us.  Yesterday my students and I went looking for them across the street from the school, I await their written report on the discovery this weekend.  Several of them are very good writers and inventive,  I look forward to some fun reading later this week.

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