The day breaks

The day breaks

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jacuzzi and wine relaxed

It's just a little more than a month since O and I crossed the divide.  We both feel exhilarated and renewed by the experience, hell I've been wearing flannel shirts and working out doors.  We've begun a research project on the merits of Mexican Restaurants in the valley as part of our weekly trip to town.  I'm grading tamales, O's all about the tortilla chip. It's part of this rural life's ritual, obligatory dump run (You gotta see/smell the dump), stop by with our circular in hand at the City Market (insert South Park reference if you must), cruise the thrift stores, then back home. Come warmer weather we'll add yard sales and fishing to the list. Oh, there's people fishing now, they's crazy.

This is the off season for the valley, Crested Butte has this and next week off for spring break, Gunnison does not, they just returned.  Saw a poetry slam in Gunnison at the Arts Center this past Friday.  Nice space, I bar tended the event. It was a College event and the slammers were students. The next night I got a slot in the open mic. event at the Crested Butte art center, an even nicer space. Both community spaces are major contributors to what is a throwback (IMHO) to a time when FM was just beginning, giants sat next to you in crowded roadhouses and everything was everything. I like it here.

The second floor of our house is office/library, bathroom, bedroom. This is my half of the office, O's still un-packing. Pictures to follow when she signs the release:).

Swegen's library on the first floor.


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