The day breaks

The day breaks

Saturday, March 26, 2016

10 Days After

It's been ten days since my last post, things have gotten busy here at Len and Sarah's hideaway.  Most of the boxes are emptied and I'm happy and proud (I did most of the packing) that very little breakage occurred. Today we began the process of hanging our art, something we had difficulty with in our last home for lack of available wall space.  Finding some of the pics that have been in storage is a little like a second Christmas for us.  There has been only a few inches of snow here in Almont, we're tucked into a valley that seems to be a dividing line for snow fall at times.  Not a complaint, I hate shoveling.  Crested Butte got about a foot last week and Irwin well over that.

I got a spotlight reading at an event on the 8th of next month.  I saw a poster for an event called Syllables and Sounds "An Evening of Musicians and Writers" with a line that said if you want to participate... well, even though they'd closed enrollment a few weeks back the chance to include a Slam Poet was too great an enticement to pass on.

It's just begun to snow in the last few minutes and the forecast (now that I check) calls for a full day of precipitation so, I guess I spoke to soon.  Sarah and I plan to head into Gunnison to do our Saturday shopping and perhaps stop for lunch in one of the local Mexican joints.  We both love Mexican food and there are a lot in the Gunnison valley so, we be happy.

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