The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunday - Finally some rest and relaxation

Well dear reader, the furniture is here and Sarah and I spent the weekend putting it away in our new home.  There was some furniture damage that we'll work out with OMON and one or two small breakable things that did not make it but other than that everything is going great.

The staff at RMBL (where Sarah and I work) threw a welcome party at Donita's Cantina that was fun and it was a great way to meet some new friends and associates. We met our state senator there and she's an ardent supporter of water quality.

Getting used to living at altitude has taken some effort (staying hydrated) but we all seem to be taking the transition in stride. I have noticed that Swegen has been affected the most by the change.  I attribute this to the altitude as well as the reduced traffic in his daily life.  He still gets a lot of walks and fetch sessions but he misses his pals.  Now when there's a noise at the house it's usually falling snow from the roof or the passing of an occasional bear or mountain lion, not Beau or Tess come to play.

Well, the change in time has me up late and writing this and several e-mail for work and the time has come to bank the fire in the wood stove and go back to bed.

Until tomorrow.

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