The day breaks

The day breaks

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nope, not today

As previously stated we are awaiting delivery of our furniture.  Thought it was going to be delivered on Tuesday but that was just a dream some of us had.  Tuesday was another day of phone calls and well meaning customer reps. assuring me everything was being done to get our stuff to us.

I wrote a poem, real nasty stuff.  I'm not proud of it.  I shared it with my poet friends on Nantucket, got some interesting replies.  

Here is mine.


Hope this finds you well  
Where ever you are
I'm over here now
Got a new phone number

Finally have the  interweb thingy working
fairly well
slow as a gerbil in a deep dark hole
And you?
Who know as well as anyone
Where the fuck our shit is
And no one knows
Where the fuck our shit is!

Here is a response poem from my dear friend Maggie Sullivan.


I hope this finds you well
over where you are now
I'm still here
back where you left us
and yeah, I wannaknowit
that new phone number

About where that shit is
the shit you say is yours
well, it's inside you
until you get rid of it
then it's not even
yours anymore anyway

that's how shit is
unclaimed and unnamed
until it's not there
and you need it
then you curse it
damn the distance
call on the anonymous nonsense
for real information

nah, sit still in your
deep dark gerbil hole
your shit will come floating
back to you, slowly
especially if you pretend
you don't want it at all

a pair a socks paradox

 Anyway, I've been assured the delivery van will be pulling into our driveway about 10:30 on Wednesday.  

Anyone want to place a bet?

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