The day breaks

The day breaks

Monday, March 7, 2016

Maybe Tuesday will be our good news day

Today we awoke like children on Christmas morning awaiting the delivery of magic and delight, it's  5 am.  I speak of course of the delivery of our furniture and personal items that did not travel with us but came by moving truck.  We'd had word on Thursday that our effects were in Denver and hope began to percolate that we would have our stuff by Friday, when that didn't happen tiny bells began to ring but we were busy and the day passed.  On Saturday we called to inquire about its whereabouts and were told that all was well and that our truck would be heading to Salida and then to us on Monday.

Come Monday we call to check in with the movers who inform us that they no longer deliver to Almont and that we'll need to speak to Ray in Montrose and to give him a call at 8:30.  At 8:30 I call and Madge (I shit you not) answers the phone and after introductions tells me Ray is busy loading trucks (good news?) Madge asks me to hold while she checks with Ray.  Madge comes back with trepidation dripping into the phone like a leaky faucet, our tuck is not there but if I'll hold she'll check with dispatch and get to the bottom of the matter,  Foreshadowing button engaged, after a few brief moments of time/hell Madge is back to let me know she going to have to get back to me.  She's very nice and I thank her and bid her good day, knowing full well I may never hear from her again.

Next I call our moving rep. on Nantucket, nice guy I took him and his child on a nature walk last year so I calm my livah, tell him the situation and where I stand at present, on the precipice of mad Italian and he tells me he'll make some calls at get right back to me,  That was 9am Mountain time...

Latter that day, 2:30 to be somewhat exact, I get the call I'm not waiting for but It's Sarah.  Did I mention today is Sarah's first full day at her new job?  She mistakenly asks me how the day is going and I answer, she has regrets, I have amends to make.

3:30 and my thumb has gone numb in my bum and the dog and cats have all disappeared, no fools they.  The phone rings and before so much as a how do you do our moving rep has plead  mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  You gotta love a learned moving guy.  He assures me that our truck has been found and we'll take delivery Tuesday.

If the snow don't fall and the creeks don't rise.

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