The day breaks

The day breaks

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A real day off!

Any one that knows Sarah knows there are precious few days off and none certainly in our 12+ years on Nantucket.  That's not a whiny comment, it's fact.  Today, a Sunday we woke at a leisurely pace, took Swegen for a walk etc. and came back home to plan our day off.  We decided to take a lazy drive to Crested Butte for a little coffee and shopping.  The ride was terrific, saw a small gathering of Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep on the way, that won't get old any time soon.  We got our coffee and took in the vibe, it's spring break and the skiers are in bloom.  Just as we finished up our beverage a light snow began to fall.  It's about 34 degrees out so it melts as it hits the ground, higher up, where the shushing and booming occur it's colder and all is well in ski country today.

We stopped into the local book store, nice but about half the size of Book Works on Nantucket and most of the titles of interest are books we own already, so the book sellers taste is to our liking.  The local history etc of Colorado section is well represented and I found a book on NA's of Colorado that will help with my work teaching middle school naturalists and  the subject is one I find personally intriguing.  Next we hit a cool little hat store and Sarah got herself a Chapeau with fuzzy ear flaps (pictures to follow) and finished up by walking around the quaint and quirky downtown for a bit.

On our way back home Sarah got a call from a fellow we met yesterday, a friend of the man we bought our house from. He invited us to join him and Bill for brunch at the Almont Resort.  It's on the way home, we've already eaten there once (on Thursday) and enjoyed it so we accepted.  Both fellows, Travis and Bill are really interesting, accomplished and well read.  Needless to say we had a pleasant time.

Back home I checked in on the computer to see if I could find any information on my young friend Beck Barsanti's day of poetry recitation competition on the cape.  Glad to say he had a blast and did fairly well by all accounts, he's a cool dude.

Well, we have a dinner plans several nights this week, Sarah starts full time in earnest Monday and our furniture is set to arrive so I'll be busy.

As I said today was a day of no work.  Man that was fantastic!

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