The day breaks

The day breaks

Saturday, March 5, 2016

We feel like a half a million bucks

It’s official Sarah and I closed on our new home Thursday!  The day began in Gunnison at the Days Inn where we stayed overnight.  Of all the hotels we’ve stayed in over the past week theirs was the best breakfast by far.  Sarah and I, Bob and Deb had a lovely meal then packed our stuff and the animals and headed for Almont.

Morning in Almont, the weather was unseasonably warm and the sun on the mountains really is something to see.  We pull into the driveway and let Swegen out to have his first reckless run in about a week.  The previous owner (Bill Duricott) has left a chuck it with a tennis ball loaded up hanging on the door and Swegen about lost his mind.  The sound of an excited Labradoodle is a primal force to be reckoned with and it signaled his approbation which made us all smile with appreciation. 
We’re there to have a final walk through with our real estate agent Shay and all is in order.  She’s fabulous BTW! After we unload our travel bags and get the cats and dog settled in we head to Crested Butte to sign the documents that make 1420 County Rd, 744 Almont, CO. ours.  The closing takes about an hour which gives Bob and Deb a chance to walk around the downtown area.  It’s a gorgeous day and there are a lot of people about and the shops are funky and fun and we’re sure they’ll have a good time. Papers signed, the last detail lets us know the house will be payed in full by 2046 to which we all had a good laugh. 

We take Bob and Deb to Teocalli’s for lunch, great Mexican food and a very cool local spot.  Sarah and I have eaten there twice already.  We all cruise back to our new home… letting that soak in, and we open a bottle of Prosecco for a celebratory toast.  Deb wonders about the Jacuzzi and she wanders over to look it over.  When she lifts the cover the chlorine smell almost knocks her over.  The past owner was a bit over zealous in its application.  We open the outside door of the solarium to air it out and will have to wait three days for the chemicals to dissipate enough for us to use it.  Not a problem, we’re too happy to kvetch.

Bob and Debs son Nate drove down from Park City Utah with his girlfriend Sally to pick them up and spend some time with them.  Good people Nate and Sally.  We catch up and swap stories of the road.  Nate and Sally’s dog Carl is the first dog Swegen has had to play with in over a week and they head out to the back yard for a run and shoot.  They mark every tree and twig in the yard, they’re happy boys.

That night for dinner we head down the road to the Almont Resort, the only open year round place that isn't 25 minutes away and it is really good and the service is great. After dinner we talk about the next day’s plans without getting to choked up about what that means.  Every one picks a spot to crash and our first day as homeowners sets like the sun over the mountains of the moon.

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